Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ornament Garland

I figured I could sneak in one more Christmas idea. It's not over YET! I promised I would show you how to make the ornament garland from my Christmas tree. I got the idea from this garland they are selling at Target that was SO CUTE. Of course it was only a few feet long so that meant I would have to buy a ton of them. Which would mean I would spend way too much money. SO, this way was a lot cheaper. Here it is. It is super easy!

What you need:
Some sort of string or thin ribbon that goes with you Christmas ornaments. I just used this gold string that I already had.

Christmas ball ornaments I used the plastic ones. I figured they would store better than the glass ones. I also mixed two different colors. You use whatever works on your tree.

What to do: Now all you do is string the balls on the string. The hole in the top of most balls are pretty tiny and this is why you need a thin ribbon or string. It will go a lot faster.

Keep stringing! Squish them all together so it looks nice and full. Make it as long as you'd like and then tie the end off with a ball.

DONE! GO hang it on your tree! I'm going on the hunt after Christmas for a couple more tubs so I can make another garland! Hope you guys like this. Let me know. Have a Merry Christmas.

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