Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stocking Holders ReVaMp

I am joining the party over at Shanty 2 Chic!

Shanty 2 Chic

If you've never visited Shanty 2 Chic head over and partake of their fabulousness! I look forward to checking in everyday to see what new ideas they have. Thank you Shanty Sisters for sharing your talents with the rest of us.
Now for the revamp....
SO, I had these shiny gold "SANTA" stocking holders that I just loved when I bought them a few years back. WELL....they just aren't doin' it for me anymore. Quite SHANTY don't you think?

While I was studying up on my Pottery Barn Catalogs, I saw this picture. So beautiful, right? *CHING* on came the light!

This is what I did:

Took the fuzzy stuff off the bottom of the holder. It peels right off. I saved it so I could reuse it. Then I took out the little screw and removed the weight.
Under the weight it has little screws that hold the letter onto the holder. I removed those.
Then, I went on a hunt for some old frames I've been keeping. PERFECT!
I removed all the backs and glass from them.

Now for the fun part...I took the party outside and sprayed the hooks and frames all with RUSTOLEUM (Satin Classic, low-sheen finish) in a pretty red. LOVE IT!
Then once the frames dried I scuffed them up a bit with medium grit sandpaper.
I screwed the weight back into the bottom of the holders and stuck the fuzzy stuff back on. Then I got my GOOP glue and spread it on the top of the holder to attach the frame.
Since I don't own a pair of clamps (hint, hint, Santa!) I rubberbanded them together to hold until they were dry. (About 2-3 hrs.)

Next, I found some pictures of the little chicks and the hooks found their place on my mantle....DONE! The kids should be able to spot thier stocking on Christmas morning without a problem. Thanks again Shanty Sisters. You guys are great!

I was featured on and WON:
Shanty 2 Chic


  1. Love these!!! Thanks for the great idea. too late for this year but it's a must for next year!

  2. Wow, I think that part of this project that I like the best is that you can keep photos of your most cherished love ones on display, and they become part of your Christmas decorations. It would be really fun for someone with little kids, if they kept the original picture from say, age 4 in there, LOL. I love it! Thanks for such a unique and thrifty idea!

  3. I remember seeing your tutorial on Ucreate last year and knew I wanted to do this to my own SANTA hooks but never got around to doing them. I was glad to find your tutorial again and will be featuring it tomorrow on my blog. Thanks!

  4. Jennie..I am just about ready to tackle this project..just had one question. What size frames did you find and what color red did you use? I keep going back in forth between red and black..ugh! I can't wait to transform those babies!

  5. That is pretty great! I almost bought some the other day, but knew I would be able to find a great do it myself idea online, thanks!

  6. These are SO pretty! Thanks for the amazing tutorial! I've been looking for new ideas for our own stockings this year and I am in love with this idea!


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