Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AlMosT Tea TImE

Here's a couple more fun projects from my little girl's room. I'm having a blast! I had this OLD table. I Added a couple coats of paint and now it looks like THIS, brand new! I'm working on making this a festive little tea party table.

I saw these cute pom poms and I fell in love. HAD TO MAKE THEM!

Aren't they fun? They were super CHEAP and EASY to make. (GO HERE for directions) I think it's almost time for tea, don't ya think? There's still a couple of things to add. I better get back to work...can't wait for you to see!


  1. You did a great job on that table. It is a fun shape!

  2. That table is wonderful and those pompoms are too fun!

  3. I love those pom- poms!! They are so stinkin cute

  4. Super cute! The table looks great and I am a sucker for the pom-poms!


  5. The table looks beautiful. I love the pom poms-adorable colors


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