Friday, February 5, 2010

The BOYS room

I am so unfocused! You would think I could stay in ONE room and do ONE project at a time... well,I CAN'T! So, I'm showing you what I've been up to. I went into my boys' room to tidy up and ended up doing a total organizing overhaul. I saw this first idea on someones fun blog...I can't remember! (sorry) Please let me know if this was your idea.
Welcome to my boys' newly organized dressers. Here's the trick... If you store clothes like this you can see all of them at once (no digging necessary)and you can also store a ton of stuff. LOVE IT! Look at all of that extra space too. WOOHOO!

Next, I ventured under the beds, into the closet and behind the door. SCARY, you say? NOT. NO. MO! Check it out! It looks and feels so much better.

Now, maybe I can finish up some of my other PROJECTS! We shall see...
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