Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little TUTE!

So, here's my little tute I posted over at "ME and My Bucket". A little "Cinnaberry Suite" Tute! Oh, it smells SO good! =} Hehe!
Here she is...I found her in my head, just like this. She's similar to the one I made HERE
If you can't tell what it is...it's a cute little paper pad to put on your desk or by the phone, with a matching pen. I made it for one of my besties for her birthday. So, you want to make one? Here's what you need:

1 acrylic frame from Dollar Tree

1 wood plaque from Walmart painted and distressed or not.
1 small memo pad (with the wire snipped out) ink the edges of the paper to give it a distressed look, 1 "rsvp" pen, and a clippy thingy.

Cute ribbon, fun scrapbook paper, buttons or anything you want to make it your own.

First I glued the front of the frame to the bottom of my wood plaque with hot glue.

Then, I tied on some cute ribbon. I placed the knot in front and to the side. Then right next to the knot I added my clippy.Oh, don't forget your paper to write your little love notes on!

Next, I cut some flowers out of scrapbook paper in three different sizes. I inked the edges, then, I layered them and kinda bent the petals up. To top it all off, I added a fun little button. CUTE, CUTE!
The pen is easy...you screw off the bottom. Then, you roll a piece of scrapbook paper around the ink part of the pen and slip it back in. Now your PEN matches too! SUITE! THAT'S IT! Easy, huh? Here she is just ONE more time!
I hope you didn't think my TUTE stunk. I know...I need to stop!=)
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