Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Have a WINNER!

Thanks again to all of you who participated in "My Mantel Dilemma Giveaway". I loved ALL of your fun ideas. I feel like my wheels are turning again and I can turn this dilemma into something beautiful! Thank you! Now enough BLAB already. Okay, one more BLAB! I wanted everyone to win! This was really hard for me. Can you imagine if I had to choose the winner? I can't! That being said, chose the winner for me....
CONGRATULATIONS to comment #12 S'mee, she said...
"perhaps because your main piece of furniture is huge and white, you could paint the mantle to match? i'm not a huge fan of painting brick, but you could add a wash over the red to lighten it up a bit or just pick a few brick here and there to add paint to give it a recycled brick look. find a couple of sturdy 4x4s or perhaps recycle some posts and add a column on each end giving it a bit more oomph. to decorate, the clock is amazing already so i wouldn't try to compete too much with the size. perhaps tiny pots of greenery, a smaller 6" or smaller antique clock, other older personal items (glasses or a domed piece of jewelry, etc.), perhaps a family monogram letter or a tall thin Uncle Sam, or tapers in tall holders for height. only you will know when enough is enough. hope these ideas spur some of your own. : )"

Fun ideas, huh? Thanks "Miss S'mee"! You will be getting an email from Jessica @ CSN. Have fun SHOPPIN'! Thanks again to all of you for sharing your fabulousness with me! Have a happy day!


  1. Holy Cow! Thanks! This is pretty awesome! : ) kind of made my day!

  2. Congrats, S'mee! Great ideas, as well.


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