Monday, May 17, 2010


HOW AWESOME you all are! I have been given another award! I can't believe my crafting adventures have brought me this far. I never expected anyone to notice me or my little blog! My goal was to share my stuff as well as be inspired by all of you! I know it's not much to have 160+ followers, but, it's 160 more than I ever guessed would care. SO, THANK YOU to Vicki over at Green Eyed Girl Crafts for awarding ME! SO SWEET!

Here are the RULEZ if you choose to accept them!;)
SAY THanks!
10 things about yourself
5 things you don't like
10 people you are passing the love on to.

Here goes!
1. I have three CRAZY boys who keep me busy!;) Love you!

2. I can do just about anything with one hand...including crack eggs open for breakfast. HUMMM, I wonder why?

3. I LOVE M&Ms. Any flavor...I'm not picky. OH man! Have you tried the almond joy ones?! FABULOUS!
4. LOVE freshly painted toes! They make me feel PURDY!

5. DId I mention I have a child attached to my hip? Here she is with CRAZY always!

6. WATCH OUT! I WILL take your picture.

7.I have an evil twin! (I'm totally kidding!)

8. I'm married to the HOTTEST man alive!;) I love his driving face! Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks? LOVE YOU SWEETIE!

9. I have the bestest friends!

10.I made a knock off of one of these from "Lane Bryant" for my MAMA for Mother's day. I promise as soon as I get a picture of it on her, I will post all about it! Cute, huh?

Now, 5 things I don't like.

1. Laundry
2. Pee on the toilet seat and the floor.
3. Dirty dishes
4. When babies get woken up from their nap TOO early.
5. Crackers crushed into the carpet.

I can't hate it all too much! I know it's all caused by the people I love the most. Hopefully one day they will realize it all got done because their mom loved them a whole lot!

Now I'm passing this award on to 10 FABULOUSly GORGEOUS BLogS! Thanks for inspiring me everyday! SMOOCHES!

1. Aly and Ash Creations
2. Deja Vu Crafts
3. Joys of Home
4. Me and My BUcket
5. Picky Palate
6. Savvy Southern Style
7. Six Cherries on Top
8. Windy Poplars
9. The Stories of A2Z
10.Poppies At Play


  1. Wow! I'm completely honored! Especially to be listed with such talented ladies! Your blog is so great! I'm going to have to spend some time here!!Thanks so much for thinking of me! You've really made my day:)

  2. ooooh! how exciting! Congratulations (well deserved...your ideas are totally worth it!) Thanks for the links, I think I'll head over and check out all the blogs! : )

  3. Congrats on your award. Its fun to learn more about bloggy friends. I too, LOVE M&M'S BUT MY fav. IS peanut butter m&ms. hAVE A GREAT day! Jenn

  4. How sweet of you to offer me this award. I am afraid my blog is award free though. It was just too hard to pass awards on to only a few people. Hope your understand. Cute kids!!

  5. Cute award, your deserve it! Love this post too, I had a kiddo who always had to be held and got pretty good at one handed everything myself!

  6. Oh THANK YOU Jennie! You are too sweet, and I am totally flattered that you chose to pass this award onto me :-) Loved your 10 random things- I always enjoy getting to know a little more about my bloggy friends.~ Hope your Monday was a good one!

  7. Thank you SO much for admiring my blog so much, ITs ppl like you that make want to blog more often, Thanks!

  8. Totally cute blog, you soooo deserve that award!

    Thanks for stopping by, and commenting. I am glad to find you!

  9. Someone already beat me to it but I LOVE your blog, so many ideas. I am passing this award on to you. Now its your turn to share it
    Thank the person who sent it to you
    List 10 things about yourself
    List 5 things you don’t like
    Post your 10 favorite blog links and pass it on

  10. Hey Jennie-
    I just posted about you and your fabulous blog on my blog. I love your blog and all of your ideas and I just wanted to share them with more people in the bloggy world!
    Hope thats ok!
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Flower Week! I hate when babies are woken up too early too! Boo!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am now a follower of your blog!

  13. Great choices! I am featuring your fence frames at today


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