Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magnet Board CUTENESS!

I know you all have seen these cutie pies all around blog land. Yeah, I made some too! I was asked to do a thrifty project for enrichment this week and this is what I came up with.
2 bucks for a magnet board is a GREAT deal don't ya think? I bought all the stuff from dollar tree, just so you know.

Buy a cookie sheet, $1.00. A set of magnets, $1.00

Drill two holes on top of pan for ribbon.

Paint edges and sides with craft paint of your choice, you don't have to, I just tried it and really liked how it turned out.

Paint magnets if you don't like the color of them. I used craft paint again.

Cut some cute paper to fit in center of pan. Make sure paint is dry, then, Modge podge it on. Make sure you get out all the bubbles BEFORE it dries! I also went over all the painted parts with modge podge to seal the paint.

Cut one inch circles of coordinating paper to cover magnets. Modge Podge them on. Make sure you do a good coat over the whole top of the magnet to seal the paint again.

Add embellishments and ribbon.

You're done! ENJOY!

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