Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome HOme

Our poor little porch sign has had it!

I got it on sale a few years ago. It was fresh and bright and now, not so much! This was a funny project. It took me almost all day to finish. I had something else in mind and it didn't turn out! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I sat, thought, and wrung my brain until it all sssllllooooooowly dripped out. DING! IDEA. Here we go. If you can't tell, it's made of small slats of wood. SO, I painted it and sanded down all the edges, including the little slats. Then I got some fun coordinating paper and cut them in strips.

Then I saw this
...DING,DING! (I got it from my Dad Carlos who works for the DI. Happy Birthday to me! I love all my DI treasures) Next, in comes Mr. Cricut who I love dearly! (Also a gift from Dad) This is what it turned out looking like.

I THINK I'm done.
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  1. love the way your brain works. : )

  2. Sometimes the ideas that take awhile to evolve are worth the wait! Definitely the case here :-)

  3. Jennie,
    These are all tooo cute!!

    Thanks for coming by my place and leaving a comment.

    The branches you asked about are curly willow, which grows abundantly here in Oregon.

    Off to see more of your cute blog.


    barbara jean

  4. Very clever, you are! I love it. Wish I had something like that to put together.

  5. I wish I could buy this :) It is beautiful!!! Love all your cute ideas!!!

  6. Wow - this is so neat. You have some great ideas.

  7. Love it! Super Cute :-) I adore handmade items. They're so original. I love homemade altogether!

  8. Hi Jennie! Thanks for stopping by this morning! You're too sweet - I always love my visits here seeing what you've been up to :-) Have a great Monday.~ Kristin from Windy Poplars

  9. So cute!!! I need one of these cricut thingys!

  10. I am so impressed with what you did with this. Wonderful job.

  11. Oooh pretty! Looks great! Love the choice of papers! Thanks for joining us for another Anything Related! (By the way...I LOVE your blog header!)

  12. This looks so good. I love the co ordinating paper.

  13. oh..oh..oh. I want to come live at your house...maybe some of your brain would rub off on me! This is gorgeous!

  14. Haha, tag you're it! I came over to remind myself who you were, after your sweet comment, and I saw this fabulous project. LOVE! The paper is perfect. I think I need to do this one too.
    I'm following now! :)

  15. I love the paper stips! So totally fun!


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