Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome HOme

Our poor little porch sign has had it!

I got it on sale a few years ago. It was fresh and bright and now, not so much! This was a funny project. It took me almost all day to finish. I had something else in mind and it didn't turn out! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I sat, thought, and wrung my brain until it all sssllllooooooowly dripped out. DING! IDEA. Here we go. If you can't tell, it's made of small slats of wood. SO, I painted it and sanded down all the edges, including the little slats. Then I got some fun coordinating paper and cut them in strips.

Then I saw this
...DING,DING! (I got it from my Dad Carlos who works for the DI. Happy Birthday to me! I love all my DI treasures) Next, in comes Mr. Cricut who I love dearly! (Also a gift from Dad) This is what it turned out looking like.

I THINK I'm done.
The Girl Creative

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