Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bookalicious Picture Frames

I'm supposed to be guest posting this same project over at "Sassy Style" on Tuesday. For some crazy reason, poor Tausha, could not get my post to work. Here I am tryin' to help a fellow blogger out and all I did was make her go to bed mad. I feel SO bad. What I decided to do was just post it here since it probably will never work for her...I feel SO BAD! (Oh, I already said that,sorry!) If you do get a chance, you'll have to go over and say "WHAT UP!" to Miss Tausha! She does some pretty amazing stuff and I think she's pretty amazing herself. Miss Tausha, if you're reading this..Have fun on your trip!=)
Moving on, cause that is what I have to is what I'm going to show you how to make today! Old book frames. FABULOUS! Right? I saw this cute idea over at "junkmarket"

Here is what you need:
Old frame glass

Old Books

Old frame back, rubber band and pictures!

Okay are you ready? This is going to be REALLY difficult! Can you handle it?
Rubber band it all together!

Tie it with cute ribbon!

Make a fun tag!

Here it is in all of it's cuteness!
One of my besties, MAGS was wondering what to do for Father's day... I think these would be fun for a Father's day gift. Maybe use twine or rope or a more masculine ribbon. They would be perfect on your dad's desk. I don't know if he even has one;) You could put an old picture of him and his dad together. Or a picture with the grandkids in sepia. Just a thought!

I hope you likey! Thanks for being here. SmOochEs.


  1. These are so unique and creative I love it! You're amazing!

  2. Oh that is very nice! clever.

  3. You are WONDER WOMAN! I have the perfect photo of my dad to use and tons of books! This is so cute and amazingly simple! I think I need one for my house too :) Thank you for being creative for me!

  4. These are great! So classic looking. :) You are just too creative. :) I'm going to have to hunt up some old books!

  5. What a creative, vintage idea. You come up with some great ones! - You're right, it IS hard to keep up with a home full of people. If only we could clean, and tell everybody to hold their breath and stand still for just 10 minutes so we could enjoy a perfect state of cleanliness for THAT long, right?!!! Oh, and yes, rewards work wonders! We won't call it bribing ourselves exactly, but really, who are we kidding?! Hope you have a lovely weekend planned Jennie!

  6. This is so stinkn' cute I can't hardly stand it! I am so doing this!

  7. Fabulous!!! I am so going to make these...someday!
    Thanks so much for your willingness to help. Pretty sure the error was the fault of the user! Thanks so so much!!!

  8. I love this idea! I am featuring this at!!!

  9. Those are awesome! Wonderful idea!

  10. ok-newest follower b/c of this project and b/c you must be italian (nonno and famigli). love this project!

  11. Love the frames, but just as an fyi the church history books that you have them by are out of print and worth alot so keep them safe! We have a complete set too! They are amazing!!!

  12. I love this! I can't wait to do find some old books!

  13. Thanks for this cool idea. I love doing things with old books!

    Warmly, Michelle


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