Thursday, July 1, 2010

HELP! I need your opinion!

I love and as you all know I was lucky enough to host my first giveaway thanks to them. I had the best experience with them! I'm sure you can guess I was pretty stinkin' excited when they contacted me again. They asked me to review one of their products! WOO HOOO!

SO, one little problem, WHAT DO I PICK?! They have 200+ stores. CRAZY! I have a hard enough time shopping at the mall. I have search through a couple of things that are on my "dream list". My master bath is on the very top of that list. I would love a new vanity! Or what about a pretty piece of art work for above the bath? I could even find some fun bathroom accesories. I don't know! HELP! If you have some time go over and check it out and let me know if you find anything cute. Can't wait to see what you all find. Thanks!


  1. Well that's quite an honor Miss Jennie! Have fun choosing! Thank you for your sweet, encouraging comments. I love that you knew that line was from Go Dog Go :-)! It's wonderful that you have some great friends that you can slow down and "live" with. I'm sure your trip to Europe was instrumental in planting that seed in your heart - it sure sounds like it! I've never been - if I go, it sounds like I might never come back :-). Any countries/regions in particular that you would recommend for quality of life? - Hope you're having a great day, and thanks again for stopping by and saying hello!


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