Monday, July 19, 2010


I've lost "IT"! See the picture below? "It" is gone! Where did "IT" go? Who knows?

It's funny, I've seen more than one blog with a post talking about losing "it". IT....What the? Well, there's just nothing up in the noggin that is creative or of any sort of cuteness. SO FRUSTRATING! I have been struggling for a few weeks now. It has been comforting to see and hear that others are suffering from the very same illness! Don't worry though, I am slowly coming out of it. I just found the cutest blog ever. If you have never visited Lil' Luna you HAVE to go and check it out. Oh my cuteness! Here are just a few of the crafts I want to do...
Fun ,huh?
Little Miss Kristyn has thrown a little oil on my wheels. I can feel them starting to turn again. WOOO HOOO! I'm so grateful for all of you and the fabulous things that you do to inspire me. Oh, and the awards! I've recieved two more and I hope you know I am SO stinkin' grateful for them. I really need to get passing them on.

Special thanks to Kristyn over at Lil Luna who has helped me without even knowing it. That's what blogging is all about, right? We are all striving to make our homes and lives a little better. We are sharing how we do it, not even knowing who we might touch. SO FABULOUS! NOW, here's to getting "IT" back. Wish me luck!
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