Monday, August 2, 2010

Cratein' love

I have always coveted my sis-in-law's kitchen table vignette! SO BAD. Then when we were just up visiting her, I said to myself," Jennie, you are so copying this cute idea!" Thanks Andrea! I have been on the search for a fun rustic somethin' to use as a little tray.

SCORE! Say it with me...FREE GARAGE SALE! I know...Good stuff.
Then I had this jar I had purchased at Target after Christmas for almost nothing. Filled it with moss from Dollar Tree.

I cleaned up my crate and removed the lid and here we are at my little kitchen table. It makes it all seem so cozy!
WOO HOO! Another project to check off my list. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to go and vote for my lil' ol' hinges project for iron crafters! If you haven't yet and you loved it, you can click on the top button on the left side bar. My project is #5. Hope you're having a happy Monday! SmOoChes!


  1. This is cute and I love it!! Good job :) Isn't it nice to start scratching things off our lists. My problem is I scratch one off and add 3 more. lol Have a great week sweetie!

  2. This is so sweet! what a lovely touch to your table....

  3. Jennie!

    Do you live by me? If you do we should totally be friends. I think that you should try a mirror wall on your funky space! Then it gives you an excuse to go thrifting even more! Ps I want to make one of your cute crates SO BAD I went to an antique store and they wanted $12.00 for a crate that was no where near as cute as yours. Sigh well I guess I will just have to start going to the DI even more.....

    love your guts

  4. This is just beautiful! It has such a romantic feel to it.


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