Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Menu Board is in the Top 12 at DIY!

My menu board made the top 12 over at the DIY club competition! I am so happy.

When one of my projects is chosen for something like this, it makes me feel pretty darn special! There are some pretty amazing bloggers over there. Now what? GO VOTE! I know I have been such a beggar lately. PLEASE....VOTE HERE! I'm just excited to have made it this far. I've got a smile from ear to ear right now. WOO HOO! Thank you.


  1. Congratulations Jennie! You and your wonderful creations deserve it!

  2. You go girl!! I was just watching something about menu boards today on my many ti-vo'd shows. I thought-I need one of those, only cuter! You are fabulous!! I am so going to vote! Also-thanks for your kind words! I so LOVE you!! Happy Week!


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