Monday, August 9, 2010

Playin' Around in The Playroom!

Y'all remember the cowboy playroom? Well, I've been tinkering around in it all day. I have a few projects to share with you. Here's my first project. I found this cute table and chairs at a yard sale for 3 bucks. I just love how it has a little country, rustic feel to it. But, the color just wasn't workin' for me.
So, I painted it black. What a surprise! It looks so nice and clean now, right? I love sitting in the little chairs to do puzzles with the kids.(You guessed it...the table is really for me:)
Here's my next project of the day. This is a wall for all the kids' artwork that they bring home from school. My fridge looks so nice and neat now! WOO HOO! I went shopping in my Mom's garage again and brought home all these frames and painted a few of them up. I plan on changing out the art monthly. The kids already feel pretty special to have their artwork FRAMED!

Here are a few pictures of their fabulous art work.

My last project, I promise, is my little dice inside the lantern! It's all coming together slowly!
Do you see the sign on the door? Isn't it super cute? My son made it at cubscouts. Another fun little addition.
Now, the next thing on my list to do, paint this door so it isn't so stinkin' white.
Little muddy hands and a white door DO NOT mix! Hope you all had a great Monday.


  1. I LOVE the framed art idea! I'm already thinking about where I could do it in my house. . . SO fun!

  2. I think that you are pretty much amazing! I love how everything turned out! It is such a great room and I love the sign that your son made!

    ps I am still tryng to find something to copy your awesome menu board...too bad all it would say is Durangos.

  3. I love the framed art too! I am definitely gonna be pulling out frames from the garage for this one.


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