Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dollar Tree Baseball Parte!

Here's yo ticket! SO ya comin'? I know,I know, it's too late! We had so much fun, I thought I would bring the party to you.
SO, this was the party invite. I just whipped this baby up on my scrap booking program. I printed it out right at home onto some card stock. Jace thought it was the coolest thing EVER!

I usually don't share my parties but this one is a little different from all the other parties I have thrown. This was what I would like to call a "Dollar Tree Baseball Parte"! Yep, I bought just about everything from dollar tree except for the cupcake stuff. SWEET DEAL!
Here are some pictures and I'll list what exactly is from Dollar Tree. ONE DALLA, BABY!
Okay, so nothing here, except for the balloons. I found a huge bag for what? That's right peoples, One buckaroo! The cupcakes are supposed to look like baseballs just in case you couldn't tell. Shoot, who cares what they look like. Chocolate cake with more chocolate M&m's on top! PERFECT! Jace is totally my son;)

Now here we have our plastic popcorn buckets 2 for a dollar! I made my own batch of Cracker Jacks, for the recipe go HERE. SO YUMMY! I found red, white and blue tootsie rolls and tootsie pops. That is what is in the apothecary jars.

Water bottles, dollar! You know I can't let anything go by without vinyling it first! Bat and ball, Un dolar. This was our little thank you. I had a little ball tag that said," Thanks for making my Birthday a hit!"

The games were also easy and cheap. We cut out fish put a paper clip on them and wrote single, triple, double, home run and strike on them. Then they fished them out with a magnet at the end of a fishing pole. If they got a single they got one piece of candy, triple, three pieces, home run they got a sucker. You get the drift.

The second game was a perfect pitch game. We stacked cups and had them underhand pitch to see it they could knock down all of the cups. CHEAP!

Then last we purchased some dollar water balloons and we pitched them a balloon to hit. They loved getting splashed.

This was seriously the easiest and cheapest bday ever. Thanks Dollar Tree! YAY! It was a "HIT". Now I can go and finish my kitchen! Happy day to ya.


  1. Darling all of it. Especially the invites and the popcorn favors. WELL DONE MOM!


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