Monday, September 13, 2010

{Suite ZONEd Kitchen}

I'm back...HEYyyy! I have been workin' hard gettin' things under control around "The Suite". The first project I want to share with you girlies is my kitchen. Why? Because, our kitchen is usually the first place that gets trashed and the last place I want to be after it's been trashed:) AHHHH! Then, I don't know if you noticed this at your house, the rest of the house falls into pieces? WE SO CANNOT HAVE THAT HAPPIN'!

I have heard many times that the kitchen functions much better when broken up into zones(been there done that:)) My problem was nothing was in it's proper zone. BAD...I KNOW! I decided to tackle my biggest problem zone yet, {My Baking Zone}. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUN!

This cupboard was pretty much empty. (side note: we don't have a pantry in our loverly kitchen. All our food and larger food items are stored in a different location of the house. Crazy, I know! WE DO HAVE FOOD! Time to put these kitchen cupboards to good use!)

Here's what I did:

I upcycled a few of those old jars that were in the cupboard by painting lids black and labeling them with vinyl. I filled these with dry goods that I'm always in need of when baking.

I even threw a label on my big jars that I already had. CUTE, right?

I stocked up on baskets from 99 cent store. Painted them black. Purchased a few small frames to add to the baskets as labels. One basket has all my baking spices and the other has all my sprinkles and cupcake stuff.

Next, I cleared out a drawer and added an organizer to it. I filled it with all of our measuring stuff.

Then I organized a bottom cabinet so I can have all my baking dishes and pan in one spot. Oh, and I was able to slide in my little mixer so I have extra counter space now too.
ALL DONE! I now have a FABULOUS {Baking Zone}. Do a little dance with me...WHOOT, WHOOT! I've already been "in the zone" a few times. It is so much more functional and I know exactly where everything is. LOVE IT!

I'm on my way to finish up some of our other zones, I'll be back!
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