Friday, November 26, 2010

Cupoard Door Picture Frames

I know y'all are ready to jump back in and get to craftin'! We need to burn off some of those tater calories we ate yesterday, right? Man, THEY WERE SO GOOD! I hope you are enjoying your holiday! I know I am:) Well, I promised a tutorial on these frames I made out of an old cabinet door.
I am keeping my promise...just cause I think you guys are totally FABuLOUS! Here we go:

What you need:

cupboard door
small screw (i used a screw from the hinges that were removed from the door)
craft paint
homemade glaze (1 part black craft paint to 3 parts water) wipe on and quick, wipe off!
Original knob or a cute new one
hardware if you are going to hang your cupboard frame

1. Paint your frame and cupboard door. I painted mine the same color so it looked like one whole frame. The color I used was the cream in the craft paint at Walmart.

2. Sand and glaze. Remember: wipe on with an old rag then, quick wipe off.

3. Add a tooth hook to the back of you cupboard door so you can hang it when you are all done.

4. Center your frame on the cupboard door and mark where you will hang it from.

5. Insert the small screw into the cupboard.

6. Hang your frame from the screw. I made the frame removable so I can easily change out the pictures when I need to. I also painted out the original knob and put it right back into the hole. Easy as PumpkinPIE!.
SO, what are you waiting for? Go pull off those cupboard doors so you can bust out a few of these babies!:) Have fun! Email me if you have any questions.
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