Sunday, November 28, 2010

What the stink...MORE DOORS?!

The cupboard doors are never ending here at the SUITE! Here's an idea if you happen to have a pair like these.

Paint 'em up! I'm in love with this new color addition! I just might have to paint my hair, nails and fancy pants (another name for my workout pants) this same exact color....OOOOOO PURDY!

Here are a few more shots....Oh, and just so you know, I only have two more doors left. Then, the door madness SHOULD be over. That is, until I find MORE:)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday to ya:)


  1. I am always falling in love every time I visit this suite site! My house needs a Jennie make-over. Love, love the new door. I am slightly jealous that your creative skills are so amazing and I am reduced to always copying you... as long as you remember imitation is the highest form of flattery we should be all good, right!

  2. I love that color! What is it called? Where do you find all your doors?

  3. I could eat this color right up!!! YUMMY!!! You are to stinkin cute!! Thanks for the super nice comment!! You always inspire me:)

  4. Hello dear Jennie! You're right, it HAS been too long... I'm so honored that my post inspired you to release all the expectations we impose upon ourselves.- I'm behind on Christmas over here too, but I'm working on that being OK. Love your doors too...especially that beautiful pussy willow wreath with it! Happy Thursday to you my friend, Love, ~Kristin


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