Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Chistmas Wreath, oh, Christmas Wreath!

I was so excited when I saw how to make this wreath over at Under The Table and Dreaming...AWESOME DEAL! I LOVE DOLLAR TREE! I headed over to Dollar Tree to get all of my supplies and...shoot, I ran into a problem! I don't know who the stink bought out all the styro wreaths...I am SO mad at you! I was devistated. No more wreaths? WHAT TO DO? I took a few more laps around the store and found just what I needed! Want to make one or two or even THREE like I did? Here's What you need:

One SAD little wreath that wants to look like Miss Universe. It's crying out to you...MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL!
Then one "PINE" garland. Pine, huh? RIIIGGGHHHHTTT!
Are you ready? This was SOOOO easy! I fluffed the little wreath so all the needles were pointing up. Then I went over and under all around the wreath in between each needle until the garland was wrapped all around the wreath.

This is the BEFORE:

Here's the AFTER: Both the wreath and the garland have wire in them so they stay together pretty well. NO glue needed:) Now for the fun part. You can get all you need from dollar tree. Ribbon( I used 1 spool of Christmas Ribbon for 3 wreaths), Christmas balls, berries...whatever you think is fabulous on a wreath! SO FUN! Check 'em out!

HELLO MISS UNIVERSE! Let me know if I didn't make any sense:) I usually don't!

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