Thursday, December 9, 2010

A {Suite} Christmas!

SOOOOOO, I have a question for all of you. Has Christmas barfed all over your house too? SERIOUSLY! I had the Christmas Tree up and I looked at all my Christmas totes and said, I'm not doing it this year! I was SO overwhelmed. I was ready for Christmas to be all over. SAD, I know! Well, as you can see the Christmas bug bit me and I barfed out all this Christmas stuff. I should have thought of a better analogy. Still I think it describes it quite well. I hope you enjoy it. I'm warning you...LOTS OF PICTURES! I'll try not to talk too much either:)

I have these wreaths hanging on my windows. I used stuff from Dollar Tree. I'll post a tut later.

Every year I throw on our tree lights, the star and the ribbon and the rest is all up to the kids. They did a great job decorating it...don't ya think?

I made these blocks too and will be posting another tut for you if you want!

My FABULOUS In laws sent me this awesome nativity from Africa. I LOVE IT! The people who made it are pretty super talented. It's all made out of wire and a jute and then they dress them in fabric native to Africa. You have to look at the cute little baby Jesus and the animals. AMAZING!

Well, that's it. I'm hoping to post the porch soon. See you then:)

UPDATE:I'm joining in a blog hop @ Windy Poplars. Want some more ideas for Christmas decor. Come with me and snoop around these awesome peoples homes. SO FUN!
Windy Poplars
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