Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Garage Sale?

Crazy...I know! One of my friends neighbors was having a garage sale where everything was FREE. Now, wouldn't that be called a Garage Free? Or maybe a Garage Giveaway?! Who cares what the stink it's called, right? I got some free stuff! I got two of these with arms and one without! FOR FREE! Suite deal;) I brought her home and prettied her up. I painted her black and used some old curtain panels to recover it. A chair with arms needs a pillow to hug, don't you think?
I added a new drop cloth pillow that I made using my cricut and some paint. When she was all done I had to find a spot for her in her new home. Oh man! I ended up moving around furniture, AGAIN! We love how it turned out! Here are a few more pictures of my beauty feeling right at home!

Have a suite day! Thanks for stoppin' by!

HEy Friends!

Hey FRIENDS! If you haven't already noticed, Cinnaberry Suite is now on facebook. WOO HOOO! YOu can go and "like it" in the left sidebar. Also I added a "recent visitors" widget to my right sidebar. I love seeing who's stopped by for a visit. It would be awesome if you would take just a second and sign into blogfrog.It's super easy, just click on the little arrow to add yourself. A cool thing about the "recent visitors" widget is, someone new might see you and want to go and check out YOUR blog. After you have signed in, you can add your own widget to your blog too. FABULOUS! Thanks again for being here. HOpe I see a few new friends popping in! Have a happy day;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Made Of Hinges!


Isn't this fun? I think it is.
Hence the fun title. One of my friends was just called as Primary Chorister and she boogied down as she taught the kids the song "I Am All Made Of Hinges". IT WAS AWESOME! I laughed as this title popped into my head! I thought of her...GO JEN! You are so made of hinges!
So is my project. I found these on our old french doors that are about to be reincarnated! I always need an extra piece of paper for all the crazy lists I write. This is PERFECT! Here is what you need:

1. 2 hinges with holes drilled bigger and painted with ORB.

2. A suite man to drill the holes bigger...thanks SWEETIE!

3. An old tray painted and decoupaged with cute paper.

4. Tie the hinge with some ribbon or twine so it makes a 90* angle to hold your pencils.

5. Screw the hinge onto the tray.
6.Find some old chewed pencils tie ribbon around them so they don't fall all the way through the hole.

7. Attach the other hinge below the pencils. Slip a small magnet inside so the hinge closes tight on itself. Add some paper.
8. Top it with some vinyl.
Here she is again. Let me know what you think.

I'm off to find a place to hang it! Thanks for stopping by! Have a SUITE day;)

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Monday, July 19, 2010


I've lost "IT"! See the picture below? "It" is gone! Where did "IT" go? Who knows?

It's funny, I've seen more than one blog with a post talking about losing "it". IT....What the? Well, there's just nothing up in the noggin that is creative or of any sort of cuteness. SO FRUSTRATING! I have been struggling for a few weeks now. It has been comforting to see and hear that others are suffering from the very same illness! Don't worry though, I am slowly coming out of it. I just found the cutest blog ever. If you have never visited Lil' Luna you HAVE to go and check it out. Oh my cuteness! Here are just a few of the crafts I want to do...
Fun ,huh?
Little Miss Kristyn has thrown a little oil on my wheels. I can feel them starting to turn again. WOOO HOOO! I'm so grateful for all of you and the fabulous things that you do to inspire me. Oh, and the awards! I've recieved two more and I hope you know I am SO stinkin' grateful for them. I really need to get passing them on.

Special thanks to Kristyn over at Lil Luna who has helped me without even knowing it. That's what blogging is all about, right? We are all striving to make our homes and lives a little better. We are sharing how we do it, not even knowing who we might touch. SO FABULOUS! NOW, here's to getting "IT" back. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

HELP! I need your opinion!

I love and as you all know I was lucky enough to host my first giveaway thanks to them. I had the best experience with them! I'm sure you can guess I was pretty stinkin' excited when they contacted me again. They asked me to review one of their products! WOO HOOO!

SO, one little problem, WHAT DO I PICK?! They have 200+ stores. CRAZY! I have a hard enough time shopping at the mall. I have search through a couple of things that are on my "dream list". My master bath is on the very top of that list. I would love a new vanity! Or what about a pretty piece of art work for above the bath? I could even find some fun bathroom accesories. I don't know! HELP! If you have some time go over and check it out and let me know if you find anything cute. Can't wait to see what you all find. Thanks!
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