Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lemony {Suitness}!

OH MAN....I found another blog to add to my list of favorites. A Bowl Of about LEMONY SUITNESS! I love it all!

YOU HAVE TO GO CHECK IT OUT! I just adore Miss Toni and all of her fantabulousness. If you're like me and like to organize and like to organize the stuff you've organized (did you catch that?) you will be in ORGANiZATION HEAVEN! Once again...OH MAN! I've already gone around and labeled just about everything....SHOOT...just had a thought! Maybe I should have labeled the toilet so my boys can actually tinkle IN it. HeeeHEEE!
Now, here's one of Toni's ideas. Notice I only said ONE? There's way too many ideas to choose from. I am currently adding something like this to the {SUITE} TOY ORGANIZATION me likie:

Awesome, right?!

Okay, so to top off all this Suitness...Miss Toni is going to be doing a "21 Days To Gettting Organized Challenge". Bring it SiSTAh!:)

It starts on the 1st of January and she will post a challenge to hopefully finish once a day EVERYDAY except Sundays. SO, ARE YOU GAME?! I AM! I already started...told you...I'm so CrAzY! SERIOUSLY, go check out Miss're going to love her:) You can thank me later! OH MAN...her fridge is to die for. I'm drooling just thinking about it...

Friday, December 24, 2010


I hope you all enjoy your holiday! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One more easy gift idea!

Last year my fabulous sis in law gave me this idea. LOVE IT! EASY AND CHEESY! We likie:)
Get your paper after Christmas when the sales are ON!

Add a bag of bows or gift tags.

Make a cute saying to go along with it. Mine says,"Hope you're gettin' all wrapped up in the spirit of the season!"

Told you it was easy!

I have the tags done for these too if you want. Make sure you leave me your email so I can shoot one your way. Hope you are all having a Happy Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I {heart} Christmas, teacher gifts!

Have you seen these around? Sorry to bore you if you have:) They start out like this:
and turn into these Candy Cane Peppermint Bark Hearts I made up a couple batches for teachers' Christmas presents. SOOOOO cute! My boys said they were super yummy too. Need a quick gift ya go!

Wally world has all the stuff you need to make 'em: Small candy canes, $1.00, Almond Bark less than $2.00, and I didn't even use those big ol' peppermint sticks, so just ignore those.

You place the candy canes in a heart shape on a peice of wax paper.
Melt a couple squares of chocolate bark in the microwave. WARNING: NEVER LEAVE YOU BARK UNATTENDED TO CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE! SHOOT! Make sure you check on it often and stir stIR, STIR!

You can choose to spoon the bark into the hearts or use a pastry bag. I just used a large ziplock to do mine.

As you can see...when your chocolate bark is set,
melt some vanilla bark. I added 1/4 tsp. of peppermint extract to my 3 cubes that I melted. Once again I filled my bag and piped in into the hearts on top of the chocolate. I then took the back of a spoon and smoothed it out a little.
I had quite a few broken Candy Canes in my little box..I totally should have taken them back, right? I'm sure it didn't help that my little girl was "HELPING" me chuck everything into the back of my trunk. TANGENT, OVER>>> I threw the broken ones in my little mini chopper and ground them into a super fine powder.
Next after my vanilla bark was hardened, I drizzled it with more chocolate and sprinkled with the candy cane dust. They turned out super cute! Who cares if they get stuck in your teeth and will totally give you lock jaw! They look fabulous all wrapped up with a tag... that's all that matters! Oh, and don't be sending me all your dental bills. I WARNED YOU! Here's a close up of the tag.
I just digi scrapped it and printed them off. EASY! The tag says," Merry Christmas from the bottom of our HEARTS" Cheesy like nachos. Let me know if you need a label I can shoot one your way:) Happy candy making:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Chistmas Wreath, oh, Christmas Wreath!

I was so excited when I saw how to make this wreath over at Under The Table and Dreaming...AWESOME DEAL! I LOVE DOLLAR TREE! I headed over to Dollar Tree to get all of my supplies and...shoot, I ran into a problem! I don't know who the stink bought out all the styro wreaths...I am SO mad at you! I was devistated. No more wreaths? WHAT TO DO? I took a few more laps around the store and found just what I needed! Want to make one or two or even THREE like I did? Here's What you need:

One SAD little wreath that wants to look like Miss Universe. It's crying out to you...MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL!
Then one "PINE" garland. Pine, huh? RIIIGGGHHHHTTT!
Are you ready? This was SOOOO easy! I fluffed the little wreath so all the needles were pointing up. Then I went over and under all around the wreath in between each needle until the garland was wrapped all around the wreath.

This is the BEFORE:

Here's the AFTER: Both the wreath and the garland have wire in them so they stay together pretty well. NO glue needed:) Now for the fun part. You can get all you need from dollar tree. Ribbon( I used 1 spool of Christmas Ribbon for 3 wreaths), Christmas balls, berries...whatever you think is fabulous on a wreath! SO FUN! Check 'em out!

HELLO MISS UNIVERSE! Let me know if I didn't make any sense:) I usually don't!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A {Suite} Christmas!

SOOOOOO, I have a question for all of you. Has Christmas barfed all over your house too? SERIOUSLY! I had the Christmas Tree up and I looked at all my Christmas totes and said, I'm not doing it this year! I was SO overwhelmed. I was ready for Christmas to be all over. SAD, I know! Well, as you can see the Christmas bug bit me and I barfed out all this Christmas stuff. I should have thought of a better analogy. Still I think it describes it quite well. I hope you enjoy it. I'm warning you...LOTS OF PICTURES! I'll try not to talk too much either:)

I have these wreaths hanging on my windows. I used stuff from Dollar Tree. I'll post a tut later.

Every year I throw on our tree lights, the star and the ribbon and the rest is all up to the kids. They did a great job decorating it...don't ya think?

I made these blocks too and will be posting another tut for you if you want!

My FABULOUS In laws sent me this awesome nativity from Africa. I LOVE IT! The people who made it are pretty super talented. It's all made out of wire and a jute and then they dress them in fabric native to Africa. You have to look at the cute little baby Jesus and the animals. AMAZING!

Well, that's it. I'm hoping to post the porch soon. See you then:)

UPDATE:I'm joining in a blog hop @ Windy Poplars. Want some more ideas for Christmas decor. Come with me and snoop around these awesome peoples homes. SO FUN!
Windy Poplars
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