Monday, January 31, 2011

Master Closet {Suiteified!}

YEP, that's right...I {Suitefied} MY closet! UM HUMM! I have my OWN closet. Don't be hatin'! It really isn't all that fabulous. I'm just trying to make you all jealous:) REALLY! I do love having my own space to store what I want to store. But, we are NOT talking about a closet like J. LO's:) I WISH! I have just a simple old closet that has everything I need. Welcome, come on in! Oh wait up...move over, I need to get by so I can tell you all about it.

Here's one side. Notice the top shelf, it has all my craft stuff on it!

Here's the other side. More clothes. I organized all my hangers so I know black is for sweaters, clear is for shirts, white coats...etc. LOVE IT!

I have a place for my MANY purses:)

A place for all my jeans...I LOVE jeans! The basket hold all my shirts that I need to wash separately for all the nasty chitlin's laundry!

That's it! It's pretty suite, RIGHT?! Like I said not too fabulous, but, I love how everything has a place!
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