Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nasty fridge to {SUITNESS}

Heeeheee! I feel like I'm totally cheating! I already did my fridge this week! I even took pictures just in case. GOOD THING!

Lemony Challenge #16

Clean out that NASTY Fridge

I'm SO sorry if you're still here...the photo below is not pretty. Just plain NaStY! I'm usually pretty on top of the whole fridge thing. I'm not sure what happened.
Poor fridge...we DO love you!
OH....and don't even ask me what's in there! Funky!
Everyone, say it with me...EEEEWWWWWWWWWW!

I pulled everything out and scrubbed that baby like no other! It's now all sparklelicious. YAY!

Since I've been doing this whole organizing thing with Miss Toni, I have come to realize just how important it is that everything have a home. I know I've said it before. BUT, if your food doesn't have a specific place, it will be lost forever in the fridged black hole. NOT COOL! Where's the ketchup? Where's the milk? Where's the cheese? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?! How the stink am I supposed to know?!

I have a solution...LABELER! I know...I'm a labeling freak now! Check it out:

Top Shelf, just in case you can't read them...tortillas

Misc. I had some stray jars without a home. They get to hang together in their little basket!

Leftovers...Del Taco anyone?!

Dairy, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt for the kids at their level.


Dinner. Here I can put my dinner ingredients so they are handy!

Sandwich stuff goes in the drawer.

I have meats and cheeses in one drawer

and veggies in the other. Where's the fruit you ask? I washed it all and put it in a fruit basket on the counter for the chitlins.

The door holds the main staple in our home...HOT SAUCE! I forgot to take more pictures...the milk is in the door now. Lunch spreads and pickles, dressings, sauces. You know!

Here she is again...one more round of applause for her fridged fabulousness!

Let me ask you Miss Fabulousness, do you love your new labels? OH YES! I love how everything has a home and doesn't spill and fall out when my door is opened. I think all fridges should be labeled. Well folks...you heard it here straight from the mouth off fridges...label your fridge! I know I'm such a dork! I better get in bed before I type something else crazy:) GO CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE!
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