Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please Rewind to 8

We need to rewind WAAAAYYYYY back to Challenge day #8

Coat Closet:

Perfect! Just ANOTHER thing I have been putting off to finish! I had torn everything out of it WAY before Christmas with plans on painting and shelving it. I started painting...then came Christmas. SHOOT! I STILL have a lot more I want to do to make it look fantabulous.

I didn't want to show you this until it was ALL done. Who knows when that will be?
For now this is going to have to do. I have more paint to buy for walls and shelves. I chose to spend the funds on containers so I can actually put our junk AWAY!

Here is the bottom of the closet. I turned this 3 drawer organizer into our homework/school paper drop off and storage. I also have a pencil pouch in each one with the supplies they need to work on homework. The boys thought this was the best idea. They found their picture and threw their papers in. Now I just need to go through and see what's happening. It has helped control the clutter on the counters that's for sure!

I added a little box on top so they can throw their lunch box in it. I added few hooks for backpacks too. So it goes like this...empty backpack. Put lunch bag in bin so mom can pack it later. Hang backpack! It worked yesterday. Let's see how it goes today.

The picture below is the kids craft shelf. I found these cute little handled baskets at Dollar Tree. They are super light and easy to transport to the craft area.

Here is our household shelf. All the random stuff that once again did NOT have a place, now does! YAY! We have our candle/matches box, tape box, gift bow box, ribbon and tissue paper, glue, batteries, flashlights and nail stuff.

The tippy top shelf has all our medicines. We just finished organizing these. You can see the post about it HERE!

Oh, our door holds our gift wrap organizer. SUITNESS! It has a ton of pocket for stuff on the back too. I chose to leave them empty since my little stinker will be pulling out the ribbons and bows and putting them in her hair. NOT FABULOUS!

SO, that's it. It's already helped a lot having all these fun little bins. I've been tearing apart other parts of the house and I've found lots of little treasures that now have a place to go. What's in you "coat closet"? I totally wanna see!
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