Thursday, January 20, 2011

We many not have it all {TOGETHER}


We don't have an official "mail station". Our mail doesn't last more than a minute on our counter. I have a hubby who is TOTALLY on top of getting rid of things...unlike someone else I know (me)! THANKS SWEETIE! We DO have problems with kids school work and other important schedules piling up! We were in need of a place to put the IMPORTANT stuff where we could see it and remember it. Our fridge has always been a very popular place for such things. NOOOOOOO...NOT THE PURDY FRIDGE!

Here's what I did...I pulled this hanging holder thingy and slid some clipboards into it.

I added a tag with each kids photo. Then I made some dividers for each clipboard. Now if I'm looking for the Cub Scout schedule I just go to the Cub Scout file. There it is!

I then made a little sign to keep things fun. It says, "We may not have it all together, but, together we have it all." It helps me keep things in perspective. The chaos is all for the love of my family:)

Here it is! I'm still looking for the PERFECT HUGE calendar. I better do it fast...IT'S ALMOST FEBRUARY! SHOOT! Next thing you know it will be Christmas...NOOOOOO!

I was SO excited to get all THAT paper madness organized. Then I looked over at my kitchen table and remembered I didn't clean up after my last crafting moment....

Keep in mind, I have a little "HELPER"!

ONE HOT STINKIN' MESS, PEOPLE! Paper everywhere! Scrapbook paper that is. I have one box that holds all my scraps from cutting with my cricut. Another box holds all my "new paper". I decided this was one PAPER MESS that needed some organizing!

I went through my scraps and organized them by color. Makes life a little easier! I labeled file folders with the colors and stuck them back in my little box that happens to hold hanging files...never noticed!

Then I went through my "new paper" box and pulled out any random scraps and filed those too. Then I added a few files to my "new paper" box that also holds hanging files. How did I miss that?!

You know you have paper you need to go through. GET TO IT! You'll be happy you did:)
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