Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cupid's Cabinet

HEY my SUITE people! Sorry for the small delay...we've been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick. Wash your hands after you read this so you don't catch it. I wouldn't wish that nasty on anyone! We are doing a little better today. Good enough to craft anyway!
Check out this SUPER cute "Love Note Station" from Miss Lyndsey. I REALLY want to make one. YEAH, it's not happenin' this year! LYNDS, just send me yours my way, will ya?! Not really:) Okay, so REALLY! Heeeheee!

Remember my little red cabinet (tool chest I found it in my Mom's garage of treasures)? The Love Note Station totally inspired me. Ours is a little different, we are using ours as "Cupid's Cabinet".

Inside I store the kids' valentine mailboxes. As we are counting down, if the countdown says Cupid left them a little somethin' somethin' they check inside the cabinet.

Also, tomorrow we start making Valentines for each other. Inside each drawer are supplies so they can get their Valentine on!

I also made a Valentine sign to hang from my post that is sitting on top of Cupid's Cabinet. I just used an old frame and some vinyl.
Here are a few pictures:

Are you guys doing a love note station or anything fun like that? I'd love to see pictures:). Send me your link in my comments. Okay, now go and wash your hands! That stuff is just nasty wrong! Stay healthy...I have a few more crafts to post.
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