Monday, February 14, 2011

The last of the LOVE day stuff!

I'm here to wish all my bloggy peeps a Happy Valentine's Day! To show you how much I love you I'm here to barf the last of all my LOVE day decor. I know, I know, SO done with the Valentine's day stuff! This is the last of it. PROMISE!

Our little girl LOVES her blankie. She hates when it goes missing. Now, that is true love don'tcha think? That wasn't why I had this picture posted. I'm posting this because I think my Mom is pretty amazing. She knitted this fabulous sweater dress for my little girl who sported is to church this past Sunday. Didn't she do an awesome job? It amazes me that it all started out with a ball of yarn. THANKS MA! I LOVE IT! The blingy necklace and flower is a "Sassy Bling by Stacy Lee" original. Ummmm hmmmm. She's my bestie! SOOOO CUTE. Thanks girlie!

Here's our mantle. Simple but full of hearts and lots of pink and red.

I had these wood blocks from my friend who donated to the "Jennie needs more junk association". I saw Lyndsey's block that she had all wrapped up and loved how they looked. COPIED!

Here's a fun 2x4 craft that's super easy. Can you say decoupage? I got the idea from here.

I hope you enjoyed your day with the people you love. I know I did! Love you guys...Thanks for being here!
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