Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LOVE nest

I was at Dollar Tree the other surprise, I know! I spotted two birdies on the very bottom shelf all by themselves. They tweeted at me...SERIOUSLY! They asked me to take them home. I told them I already had some awesome BLUE birdies from last spring.

Then they got a little nervy and tweeted right back, "Paint us PINK! We would be totally hot in pink!" That's when I yelled out, "HECK YA! Hop on in my cart, we're gonna paint ya pink!"

They were SO right, HOT in pink! They were missing one little thing, they needed a LOVE nest. After all they ARE Valentine birdies!

This is just a canvas that I painted pink. I then cut the letters out with my cricut and stenciled on the word NEST in red on the bottom. The nest is just like my nests from last spring. I used some moss and I added the Dollar Tree hearts for eggs Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy!

Who knows, there just might be two little birdies out there, tweeting out, so they too can be painted pink. Hurry, let's paint them all! I know, I'm such a DORK!

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