Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Suite} Groundhog DAY!

Happy Groundhog Day to ya! My kindergartner reminded me this morning...MAN, he was SOOOO excited. OOOOKKKAAAAYYY! I got to thinkin' I should probably do something fun so the day isn't too disappointing:)

I found some fun ideas to celebrate the day. Thanks to Miss Secrets of a Super Mommy! Oh my heck! She has some of the coolest ideas. Here are a few that I'm going to do.

First, I was looking for a fun Valentine's countdown, guess what, I found one there! WOO HOO! I'll be back to tell you what I did. For today's countdown day it's to celebrate Groundhog day.

We will enjoy our meal on the ground. How fun is that?!

Have these CUTE Ground Hog dirt mounds made out of potatoes.

Make small hamburgers that look like Groundhogs.

For dessert we'll have Groundhog cookies. SO stinkin' flippin' cute!

Aren't those fun ideas?! Go check out this girlies blog it's lots of fun! Have a SUITE Groundhog DAY!
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