Friday, March 25, 2011

MUCH better!

This baby used to be my Mom's. (OH, what a surprise,right?!)

It's stinkin' OLD, like MUMMY old! Just like ME....EEEKKKK! I used to plop my booty down in front of it and chow down on carrots and peanut butter with my Big Bro (in comes Big Bro!)

while we watched I Love Lucy reruns.


Okay, so back on track. First things first, I used the doors that were falling off to make these. REMEMBER?

Cupboard Door Picture Frame

and my
Little Faux window thingy

After the poor thing screamed out from all the tearing and sanding it suffered, it now sings out "FABULOUSNESS"! WHOOO HOOO!

If it could talk, it would totally thank me for all the torture I put it through. (No prob homey!)
I LOVE me some paint, that's FO SHO! It looks SO MUCH BETTER! Now my little Man sits his little booty down in front of it as he challenges the whole family to games of Madden 11. This HAS to stay in the many booties have been parked in front of it it should be considered a family heirloom. LOVE THAT!


  1. YOU ARE SO FUNNY! i loovvvve the window "thingy"! I want to buy an old tv stand just to make one of those! NICE!

  2. um.. this is totally amazing!! You have made me start asking if there is anything like that I could get my hands on to refinish!! But I dont think I could even compare with yours.. it looks SOOO good!!! Love the red M too!!!

  3. p.s. my most favorite part is the cute pic of you with your brother!! Brothers are the best!!

  4. so fun!! love it, ya did a great job!! love the brotha/sistah shot, too fun. your cupboard doors are DARLING too!-must copy.

    and ps: you are a workout/organizing maniac!!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment and I'm your newest follower. I love how your blog is real life and real house. I think we think alike when it comes to organization. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Jennie- TO FUN! Yeah' I was in Summers ward about 2 years ago and lived around the corner from her. She also helped me host and put together a fun baby shower with a mutual friend we both have. She is very sweet.

    lOVING your picture frame door and that boys entertainment center is truly fab. LOVE IT ALL. Hope all is well, take care!!! WINKS- jen


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