Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our {Suite} Journal

It can get pretty crazy around here! Crackers and jelly crunched into the carpets, A puddle of somethin' or other on the floor, pee everywhere but IN the toilet, dishes in the bathtub, dirty clothes trailing down the hall way, salt ALL OVER THE PLACE,

lotion rubbed into the leather couches....I can go FOREVER! I'm havin' that feeling of being overwhelmed again friends! PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT ALONE! Okay, SOO, I have always LOVED Flylady (she's one fly lady!). Right before I had my third baby I was on a schedule and my house was in complete order. I loved it. It was like the house ran itself. WELL people, NOT NO MO!! I'm SO off schedule and my house feels like it's falling apart. Why am I barfing all of this on you? Cause I'm totally ready to "fly" again! I'm ready to get this house back under control! If you are needing a little somethin' to kick you in the booty, here ya go...KICK! I'm sharing with you the beginnings of Our {Suite} Journal.

To start I needed to figure out a routine. I will post mine so you can get an idea. I have a routine set for each part of the day. I like having it all set out so I can keep on task. If I don't follow it completely IT'S OKAY!

Here is my before breakfast routine:

Here is my after Boys are off to school routine:

AND my routine with my little girl:

Then, My After School Routine:

Last, my Before Bed Routine:

I'm excited to put these babies into action! I will be back later with more of Our {Suite} Journal.


  1. I have a way to help you. Prep your snacks and put them into little baggies. I put kid friendly snacks into baggies in the frigde and they go into a wire basket in the fridge. If its in the basket its a mom approved healthy snack. It saves time when having to make snacks up and portion sizes are already made. I do stuff like cheese sticks and crackers, grapes, mandrain oranges, pudding cups, jello cups, little get the idea. It may only save you 10 minutes every day, but 10 minutes is 10 minutes.

    I'm feeling the same way you are so I promise to support you and you can do the same to me. We can be super moms!!!!

    xoxo Nikki

  2. Ok its official- you are the coolest!! Thanks for your support with my guest post- if I told you how nervous I was about it you might make fun of me lol!! And I love Nikki's idea of pre packaged snacks- my kids think they need like 10 snacks a day!! That would seriously make my life so much easier - I am totally going to try it!

  3. Oh goodness... Love the messes. I have lots of them too. Thanks for linking up to my blog.

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  4. I love your schedule! They are not only helpful but super cute, too! I'm sure you have them somewhere just so you can see it everytime you look! Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun


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