Thursday, March 17, 2011

Suite Tut: Do you know where your keys are?

Call me "MISS I CAN'T FIND MY KEYS OF AMERICA"! I am ALWAYS losing my darn keys(more like I'm losing my brain!). When I was little, I always lost my house key and I became the professional window breaker-inerererer by age 8. You'd think I'd remember to at least leave my window unlocked so I wouldn't have to completely remove my window EVERY TIME! I totally panic even to this day when I am locked out. I think I have conditioned my self into thinking it is the worst thing EVER!
WELL, do you blame me? It's hard to climb into a tiny window with large hips! After my most recent episode of a major key lose, due to my 2 year old...I have had a key holder plan in the works. I finally finished it. YAY! Hey Stac, Mags, aren't you so proud of me?! I will NEVER lose my keys or anyone elses keys, ever again! STOP THAT, UMMHMMMM, I total heard what you said!

Meet, not only my new best friend,the best invention ever....A key holder:) GENIUS!

I have to give props to a couple fellow bloggers that inspired me, Brown Paper Packages and Sweet Daisy Designs, THANK YOU!
What you need:

Old frame from Momma

A piece of wood cut to the size of the frame. I used the pretty picture as my template.

More wood cut to the size of 2x2
Pictures trimmed to fit on the wood with a little space around the edges.

Here's what ya do! Paint your small wood blocks with the color you likie. I sanded the edges when I was done.

I also sanded the edges of my pictures too. Then decoupage the pictures to the blocks. Let them dry.

WASH and paint your cute frame. I used a regular black craft paint and scuffed it up a bit once it dried.

Next, I covered the large piece of wood with a fabric that matches my jade paint color. You could also use scrapbook paper and it would be super cute too.

Hot glue the small photo blocks onto the larger piece of wood like this.

Now to hold the keys...I used horse shoe nails. You can purchase them at your local feed store. I tied a cute black fabric and twine around each nail for fun!

I TOTALLY forgot to get a picture of my metal before. OH WELL! I found a small sheet of 5x7 metal at Lowes in the roof section for like $.60. SUWEET DEAL! I used my scissors (I KNOW!) cut a strip of it off for my quote. "Happiness, the KEY to family". Then, at Wally world, I found these upholstery brads for under a dollar.

I used two of these to attach my metal strip. I ended up pre nailing through the metal and wood so the brad would go through easily.

I popped it into the frame and here it is again all finished!

I can't wait to put it to work!

NOW, I have one question for you...DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR KEYS ARE? I DON'T:)



  1. You are to funny!! This is ADORABLE!!! So I once left my keys in the freezer and it took me 2 days to find them!! I love your cute idea- I hope it helps!!

  2. I love how you used the horse shoe nails! What a great idea. We had to buy a lock box to keep outside because I locked myself out so many times. It happens to the best of us!! :)

  3. Ingenious again! Love it..what a cute idea. I am trying to figure out if I have a spot for somthing like this. Super cute!

  4. It is soo cute! Now remembering to put the keys on it!

  5. Yours is absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE it!!! You're totally making me want to redo mine! And BTW I just totally bought the insanity workout last week- I can't wait to get a killer workout from home! yay!

  6. I need a new key holder! Nice project thanks for posting.

  7. That's awesome! I love the nails for the key holders. And your quote is so cute! How come I've never heard that? I'm living in a hole somewhere. :) Great tutorial!

  8. This was so great, I had to feature it! Come grab a button!

  9. That is so cute! you did a great job and a really nice tute! I love the quote! and... NO I do not know where my keys are. They do have their own special "parking place" but they don't always make it there!


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