Friday, May 13, 2011

Earth Day ( Never too late! )

I wrote this post for Earth Day. I'm not THAT late am I? Okay, so WHATEVER! I'm posting it today, get over it...chuckles! LOVE YA!

I have the hardest time getting rid of any of my boys' old shirts. I know, I'm a total pack rat! Each shirt is passed down to the next boy until it has lived a life full of mud, ketchup and chocolate and is FULL of little boy memories. Sniff, sniff...How do you let those memories go?!


Am I the ONLY one out there who has this problem? COME ON with me here!

I found a solution just in case I'm NOT the only one with this very same problem.

Make a quilt or two or three...or better yet, one for each kid!

This is the quilt set I made out of old shirt and school pants for my Little Man's bed. He LOVES it! I LOVE IT! I get to see him all curled up in happy memories with his little smile peeking out the top. THE BEST!

Another awesome thing, I didn't have to throw away our nasty old shirts or pants. We LOVE our planet:)

I get to check yet another little thing off my darn list that is WAY too long of things to do {How'd you like that run on sentence?!} GO ME! Have a happy day! So what are you doing today?

Update:  I just posted a tut for this project here!  Thanks for stopping by!

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