Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Sign of Savings!

Why the stink does cute stuff have to cost so much money?!    For instance,
this.  Isn't it cute?  Perfect for Little Man's room.  UGGHHHH!  Then, I saw the price and I cried and cried and cried. Ya know, being Miss Cheapness of Cinnaberry Suite is a hard title to maintain! Pshhhh... It takes lots of hardwork, blood, sweat and tears (lots of these). In the end it's all worth it. Cha-ching for me! Here's my own version of the million dollar sign. For how much, you ask? Free!


  More projects to come.  Smooches!


  1. I say yours looks way better than the other one.

  2. I agree with Andrew. Yours is by far better! And PLEASE tell me that no one in their right mind would pay $109 for the other! Holy Cow!!!

  3. I'm agreeing with the other commenters. Yours is much, much, better. Nice job.

  4. This is fabulous!!! I love your version 109 times more!!!!


  5. Um your is totally better!! I am with you on the price thing.. we are not all millionaires huh?!!


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