Monday, June 13, 2011

{Time} for Teacher gifts!

We have GOT to be the only school district in America that is STILL in school!  Am I right?!  I know I am!  We are excited to be finishing up...3 MORE DAYS! YAY! 

We LOVE our teachers!  So, we think teacher gifts are always a fun thing to do.  I found a fun idea at Attempting Aloha and LOVED IT!  I'm not as fancy skilled as Miss Charlie, so I made it a little different.  SO grateful for the inspiration she gave me! YOU GO GIRL!

I used a walmart clock that was $4.oo ish....

I unscrewed the screws...

Pulled the brains outta that baby!

Then on my Make The Cut program I designed a little somethin' to go right in the middle of the numbers.

 I hooked up my Cricut and cut it out!  I made a tiny slit in the middle of my transfer paper so the clock parts could fit through it.

 When I was done applying it, I felt like it needed some color.  What better than RED!  I added the teachers name to the glass after I reassembled it all.  There ya go!  It took me a couple hours to figure out the placement of I said, I am not all fancy skilled like most! 

I already had all the vinyl (thanks to my supplier, our awesome neighbors!  Thanks Whitlocks!) so it cost me the price of the clock.  LOVE THAT!


Happy Summer to you all!  Smooches!


  1. Y ai will agree with you we have been out of school for 2 weeks!! But I bet you guys get to enjoy the summer longer.. and start school later then the rest of us :) I love the clocks!!!!

  2. aaaaamazing!!! that is the coolest clock ever!!

  3. I think I will use your idea for Grandparents. So cute! Man, I wish I was as Not-fancy-skills-whatever- as you!

  4. I lOVE LOVE this! Fabulous job, as always. So, tell me, do I need that program for my cricut? I have been kicking it around forever! I'm sad to say that my cricut sits in my closet..most of the time.


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