Sunday, August 28, 2011

{Suite} Muddy Day!

This weekend I ran my first race EVER! 
{Well, actually,  I remember I ran in the Turkey Trot in middle school. 
I totally should have tripped that girl that beat me. 
I came in third....Only first and second won turkey's!  UGHHH...Totally annoying! 
I know you all really wanted to hear about my bitter childhood memories :/ }

Okay so back to the race.  It was a MUD run.  I ran with a group of fabulous friends. 
 SEEEEEEEEEE! Cute, huh?!

Nothing like mud in your teeth, up your nose, in your shoes and of course in places that don't ever
see day light!   Better yet, nothing like a friend to tell you that you have mud in all these places.  


Thanks for being here so I can blab to you all about my Mud day with friends!
I LOVE giving tutorials so here is my tutorial on

How To Run In A Mud Run

What you need:

Friends who will lift you up when you are down!  Cause, you will be going down.  This is mud people.  It will eat you alive!

It also helps if you have a few morefriends to lean on,  even when your armpits are totally sweaty!

Duct tape... We don't want to loose our shoes!

...On your marks, get set, go!

Okay, so if you decide to run through the middle
of a large puddle of mud that is being sprayed by
your local firemen and their powerful hoses , take a friend.  This is where they come in pretty handy!
Unless, your friend is totally stuck along with you!  That's when her awesome sister, {the happy on in the blue} comes in pretty handy! 
I've never laughed so hard in my life. 
 Both of us were so tired from laughing and struggling to get out.

 Thanks Mags and Amy, you rock! 

Now don't forget to flex them neck muscles!
That way you look like one tough mud Queen!!

Don't forget...keep smilin' you wanna  get as
 much mud as possible on your teeth!
Just make sure you have your friend do a tooth
check before you head home.
Thanks Heather :)

This is about when I was wishing I had my hikin' boots on.  Up the little hill
Then down, down, down the little hill!!

Now, they will tell you to keep your arms crossed
as you go down the big slide.
I'm here to tell you....

close your mouth!

Muddy water up the nose and in the mouth! 

Okay, so after the 6,789th muddy hill and mud puddle, 
stay strong my friends,  
there are only 5,674 more to go.

Just keep runnin', just keep runnin'!

Hold up,
 I totally lied, there are 5,675 more 
Some of the thoughts that may go through your mud filled little head
about now,
"Are you freakin' kiddin' me?!"
"Alrighty then, 
Let's do this!"
"One foot, now the other foot."
"Oh, I'm still moving, sweet!"

Then comes the time when the Finish line is in sight.
Move that muddy booty girl!

Don't forget to celebrate at the Finish Line! 
 Make sure you high five a total stranger who you thought was
coming to congratulate you.
  {she really just wants the time chip off you shoe.}
She will think you are a total rock star and not know what to say.
Oh yeah, I blew her away with my fabulousness.
 {She totally asked for my autograph!}

Now, go celebrate!

 have a nice dip in the mud!

sling some mud around...

Don't forget,

Capture every moment!!

We had the best camera man in the universe!
Thanks Alan, you da best!

Thanks fabulous girlies, 
what an amazing day!
I will never forget it!


  1. Looks like a BLAST!! Way to go - could you be anymore amazing!! I think you are trying to make the rest of us look bad lol!! What a cool accomplishment :)

  2. Wow, that's really impressive! Great job! I could never- in a million years- do that!!

  3. Jennie, I stopped over to tell you that you won the Ramsign give away!!!
    I was so excited to see that you ran a mud race- my daughter and I ran the Muddy Buddy race last year in NY. Soooo much fun except I ruptured my bursa (over the kneecap)and had to forego a marathon I had been training for- It was worth it!!!

    Congratulations! I will forward your contact info to Ramsign and then they will contact you.


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