Monday, August 15, 2011

{Suite} New Bathroom

What the?!!
I just realized I never showed you our new Master Bathroom!

How did I not? 
You must see before.
That's the only way for you to totally appreciate the new bathroom.
Are you ready?
Eeeeekkk, I'm not. 
{why the stink do I always put myself in these embarrassing situations?}
hold up,
a little background first.
We've lived in this house, going on 8 years.
When we moved in, the bathroom was naaasssttyyy!
Sad to say,
it was still gross until a few weeks ago.
You totally feel bad for us, huh?
I can't believe we waited so long to do this.

So here's the before. 
Plug your noses cause it's

The hubs makes it way cuter than it was.
{hi honey!}
As you can see we have two cupboard type vanities with
a big space between them. 
Not cute when dirty clothes start piling up in it. 
Okay, so I did try painting the cupboards at one time.
They just couldn't hang in this house.
The drawers were falling out and 
the tile was literally falling off the counter tops.
The sinks...
ugghhh, always made me wanna barf a little.
So stanky!!!
Next photo please...

you get that stinky sink out!!

never mind the nice guy!  Beat that sink out. 

In comes the magical bathroom fairy who magically removes the vanity and all it's nastiness
with her fabulous magic wand! 

Okay, so ya get the idea.  It was old and nasty and in need of lots of love and a total beating. 
{Seems like we beat a lot of things up around here, huh?! }

Now are you ready?

Let's do this!

 Welcome to our new {Suite} Master Bathroom.
{I know I need to iron my little curtains! Lazy, lazy!}
 My hubs picked the color out.  I know, I know...he's a total rock star!
I love how soothing it is. 
Great job sweetie!
 The vanity I bought from my Mom who used to sell furniture.
 All the hardware and towels I found at one of my favorite places to escape to.
Ross...Whoot, whoot!  We love Ross!

Happy bathing!
I know I'll enjoy mine.

Email or Facebook me if you wanna guest post or even do a bloggy swap. 
It would be so fun!!! 


  1. It is so suite! Love it! I wish we could redo our

  2. So pretty! You did an amazing job!!


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