Sunday, September 18, 2011

More {Suite} Shirt Recycling!!

I know you all need to go and clean out your nasty closets. 
Ummhmmm....I can totally see them! 
 Don't try and hide.
 I can see those dirty clothes lying on the floor.
I see you tripping over all those fat pants. 
Your t-shirts are throwing a party in your shoe cubbies.
You know what I'm talking about! 
 Oh, wait, that's not your closet, that's was MINE!  Oopsy! 
Well, you know I have it's pretty organized after this post,
 I need to go in once in a while and keep it in check.
 I am constantly having to going through and pull out stuff that I just don't wear anymore. 
 After multiple trips, hauling off clothes, I started thinking,
{shocker, I know!} 
"I bet there's something I can do with all these clothes." 
Thanks to the world wide web. I was flooded with some pretty amazing ideas.
Including this one from Miss Melissa's bloggy, I Still Love You.
Man, this girl is AMAZING!  You have to go and check her out.

Thanks girlie for the inspiration.

  Isn't it cute?

A little dress for my little Miss for free!!!
Love it!

These are the 2 shirts I used, well, one of them anyway.
I ended up using an old onesie instead of this one.  The onesie was more form fitting. 
More of the look I was looking for.

Here's where I cut out the skirt portion of the dress.

Sew a quick gather stitch.

Pinned and sewed right sides of the two pieces, together.
That's it.

I used the little belt thingy that came with the shirt
and wrapped it around her tiny waist twice. 
(This girl will not hold still!
 It's way too fun to stand on the kitchen table :))

I think she's pretty happy that it was all free!!

It honestly took me like 20 minutes to whip up.
Go clean out your closet. 
Oh, the things you can create!!

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