Friday, October 21, 2011

Activity Day {Suitness}!

I'm SO stinkin' excited..
I'm the new 8-9 year old girl, Activity Day Leader at church!!!
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ,
we all get the chance to serve in many different ways.
We are NOT paid for what we do.
Just BLESSED by the ton!

SOOO, you're probably wondering...

"Why the stink is she telling us all of this?"
Twice a month I get to plan and meet with these sweet 8-9 year old girlies.
We will be doing lots of fun things together.
I wilI have lots of ideas share....


I really just need a place to keep all my ideas.  Who knows, I may be in THIS calling for the next 50 years. .


Also, a lot of these ideas can be used for Family Home Evening
OR just fun little crafts to do with the chitlins.
Wanna see what we did today?!
All righty then!

Since it IS Halloween in like 10 days,
 I did a little
 "Holy Ghost"

  As the girls arrived, the girls decorated Rice Krispy Pops like these:

 We read and discussed scriptures on the Holy Ghost.
We highlighted them in PURDY colors.

Next, we played,
"Guess What's In The Bowl"
 I told them the "name" of the contents and then they had to try and guess,
without looking,
what was really in the bowl and write it down.
 I only had time for two bowls.

1. beans (rat eyes)
2. mini sausage (witches toes)
All of the girls  guessed differently,

(talked about how we all feel the Holy Ghost differently, we need to learn to recognize it.)

Next up,

Craft TIME:
"BoO Blocks"
These were inspired by THIS super cute block. 
I LOVE her version. I'm SO making one for me!! 
I painted and sanded the wood before the girls got here.
I also cut out all the vinyl. 

The girls added the BOO's and the ribbon.
I wish I got a picture of ALL of the girls' blocks together.

These girlies know how to Blingie up thier blocks. 

Cute, huh?! 

Well, that's it.
 I will keep ya'll posted on anything else that crosses my crazy brain :)

Until then, SMOOCHES!!
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