Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Scared ya, didn't I...
That's my scary laugh.

I'm laughing at how SCARY easy these little projects were!

Check out these cute little blocks I made with some AWESOME friends.
This was seriously the easiest craft EVER!
It totally helps if your best bud has the wood cut and painted before you show up.
NICE, huh?!

I just cut the letters out of scrapbook paper on my Cricut.
The eyes are wood disks with a button center. 
Super fun and super duper

Here's another easy one for ya!

I had this twiggy wreath already.

I added a strip of orange fabric,
some spider webbing and spiders of course!

I made a little number 31 sign to hang in the middle.

My 31 looks a little crazy, huh?!!
Come on people,
IT's HalloWeen!


my possessed Cricut made my "1" backwards...
Kinda CREEPY!!

In comes the scary laugh...

Just sayin'...SCARY easy peasy!!

Linkin' up with crafty pants herself.

Miss Jenn @

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