Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween {Suite} Style

Enjoy our Halloween Mantel as I barf all the madness from my brain ...Thanks for being here :)

why do I do this to myself?!
I was being a total bahumbug about getting out any fall stuff.

Gasp, I know, Best Blogger award right here baby!!!!

Ya see,

 I still have some of my darn Christmas stuff staring at me in the FABULOUS junk yard garage.  It still needs to go up in the rafters and it's almost already Christmas....EEEEKKKKK!!!

Wherever it is,
 I can't see it and to top it all off, it's here with it's little invisible self,  kickin' my booty!!
(That's me gettin' my booty kicked)

THEEENNN, the other morning on the way to school my little observant T-dawg says to me, "Hey Mom, those people in that house don't have out ANY Halloween decorations out yet.  They better hurry up, Halloween is coming fast.  Which reminds me, WE need to get OURS out too."

Ya know what I was thinkin'...

He caught me!! 
But, at the same time, it melted my cold bahumbug heart away!!
My little 8 year old NOTICED these things?
 Then I remembered why I do what I do.
It's all for my little peeps.

On to more with it. 

Why the stink can't I just be happy with throwing out a Jack o Lantern and a Happy Halloween sign and call it good? 
Why do I NEED to change out pillows, pictures, curtains and paint the house orange? 
 I know I'm not the only one who suffers from this :) 

Halloween is in like 11 days!!! 

 Man, talk about ISSUES!!

The smile on T-dawgs face when he got home from school was another heart melter.
(YES, my heart is made of butter, comes in hand when making bread sticks) 
Honestly, I am SO grateful to be a Mom to these kids.  I get so caught up in the silliest things and forget the whole reason I'm here is.  Thanks T-dawg for reminding me to ENJOY life.
Thanks for always melting my heart and for helping me to get out and live life NOW....
Love you T-dawg!!!  

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