Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{Suite} little pumpkins

I had a few places around the suite that needed to be pumpkin-a-fied!

I went out and pulled down my fall tote from the garage shelf and realized,
 I have NO pumpkins.
In comes my most favortie thing EVER,
Always saving my booty! 
I love that place:)

I found lots of pumpkins made out of fabric. 
I had fabric left over from some fall pillows I crafted up.
I grabbed that junk and went to work.

Look at how fun and cute these turn out. 
I just wanna pinch them wrinkled pumpkin cheeks. 

I'm here to hook ya up with a tut for these babies.

What you need:
Glue gun...ummhmmm!!!
Filling (preferable chocolate, but, ya know...that wont work!)
Twiggies from your lawn
twine from Walmart

Start out with a rectangle shaped piece of fabric right side up. 
Fold it over so the wrong side is showing now.
Run some hot glue along the edge to glue the two sides together.

Next, I gathered and glued the bottom edge together.  
It should like somethin' like this after you turn it right side out.

Fill 'er up!  It should now look somethin' like this...

Next, I did the same thing to the top as I did the bottom.  I gathered and glued.
I wasn't out for perfection as you can see.

Now it's time to whip out the twine. 
Repeat after me,
Wrap, tie,
wrap, tie,
Wrap, tie!

Got it?!  You are going to wrap the twine around and tie a knot. 

you are going to wrap and tie AGAIN

and AGain

 and again!!

Yes, I was distributing cough medicine while I hot glued.  I'm cool like that.
Make sure each time you wrap and tie, PULL TIGHT and squish it down to a cute little pumpkin.

Don't forget your twiggie.  Hot glue it into place.

I pulled and squished it until I loved it. 

I have these ones in my kitchen on a shelf.

I just love how easy they were to make!! 
Oh, man!! 
Imagine how cute a HUGE one would be!! 
I'd love to pinch me some BIG pumpkin cheeks. day :) 

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