Friday, December 16, 2011

Activity Day {Suitness} #4

This was such a fun activity.

I saw the idea for Secret Service Agents HERE.
Since it was around Christmas, I made ours 
Secret Service Elves

You've Been Served Coins

As the girls arrived I had them make
I found the printable HERE.
I had them color the paper then attach it to a mason jar lid.
They looked like little gold coins.
I'll explain what these are for later.
While they made these,
we talked about service and why this was the perfect
time of year to do service.
We talked about how Christmas gave us a time to reflect on the Saviors birth and his life.
The Savior served others his whole life.
He even ended his life as a service for us.
I then asked them what they thought would be the perfect gift to give the Savior this year.
They caught right on,
Serve Others.


Elf Training
Service Relay

I split the girls up into 2 group and they raced to see who could get their tasks done first.
I had three Holiday service tasks they needed to complete before they could become,
"Secret Service Elves"

#1 Holiday Laundry
(With everyone home for the holidays, the laundry builds up a lot faster than normal.  Help out and this will be a great service to your family!)

They had to match up the gloves, fold the Santa blanket and fold the scarf.  Once it was all folded it had to be neatly placed in the basket.

#2 Gift Wrap
(People love help with gift wrapping!)
They had to wrap the box.
EASY, right?!!
It was fun to watch that's for sure :)

#3 Decorate a Holiday Treat
(Treats will always warm a heart!  The best service you can give!)

They decorated a cookie with frosting and sprinkles.
We enjoyed these later as snack!

Once everyone finished the Elf tasks,
They received their mission folders

Inside was their Secret Service Mission List (I got it from here)
with directions to keep all services a secret.
They also contained a sheet of paper with the days of the week.
Each day they did a service for someone they were to record what they did for whom.
This way, they could report back on their progress the following AD.
When they finish the service if they chose, they are to leave behind a "You've Been Served" coin.
(Which was also in the folder after they finished them.)
Then their family members could keep the coin and do secret acts of service themselves.
Before you know it,
you have a house full of "Secret Service Elves"

While we enjoyed out treats,
We went around and shared some ways they were going to serve their families.
After they shared,
 they received an Elf hat, from Dollar Tree, to be wore while serving.
But, super cute.
This was a HIT!

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know I used your idea for Secret Service Agents, just left out the Elves part. I subbed for my husband's Bear Cub Scouts group last night and I made up little packets for each of them. The boys were all really excited about it, thanks for the idea!


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