Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Barf!

I hear ya,


After a couple of migraines before and after Christmas.
 Then a stomach bug (yesterday and today),
This girlie never had the chance to post everything she wanted to share with you.

It's your lucky day my dear bloggy friends,
I'm sharing my nasty bug with ya!

Not my stomach
Christmas bug!

Are you ready for all the Christmas barf?!

I just gotta get it all out!!

First up,

Our Christmas Mantel 

 My Noel blocks are from last year. 
 Lots of people ask why the "E" is different. 
 Cause I had the "E" already!
"E" is for ESPLIN!!
 The snow globes were Pinterest inspired.
You can check them out HERE.
If you want to see how to make the snow globes (ya know, for next year!) you can see my post HERE

 These plates were also Pinterest inspired.
Check out my pin HERE.
I found a free Christmas cutting file online and then used some of our everyday plates to slap the vinyl onto.

Christmas barf #1 done!!

Brace yourselves people...
As you know,
there's more to come!
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