Sunday, December 18, 2011

Neighbor Christmas Gift

I have an easy neighbor gift idea for ya!
We're cuttin' it kinda close, but, ehhh...
Use it next year :)

I found these plate and napkins on Clearance at Target!
Can't tell you for how muchie cause I have some neighbors who are quite the Cinnaberry Suite Fans!!!

I stacked them and wrapped them in cellophane.

Here is what the little tag said that I slapped on them:

Our Christmas wish to you...
less DISHES to do!

Merry Christmas!!

Who doesn't need extra paper plates, cups and napkins?!!
It's perfect for all those days when the sink is  full of madness from all the cookie baking.
Less dishes has GOT to be the BEST gift you can give someone :)

Now go and spread some paper plate cheer!!!

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