Monday, January 31, 2011

Master Closet {Suiteified!}

YEP, that's right...I {Suitefied} MY closet! UM HUMM! I have my OWN closet. Don't be hatin'! It really isn't all that fabulous. I'm just trying to make you all jealous:) REALLY! I do love having my own space to store what I want to store. But, we are NOT talking about a closet like J. LO's:) I WISH! I have just a simple old closet that has everything I need. Welcome, come on in! Oh wait up...move over, I need to get by so I can tell you all about it.

Here's one side. Notice the top shelf, it has all my craft stuff on it!

Here's the other side. More clothes. I organized all my hangers so I know black is for sweaters, clear is for shirts, white coats...etc. LOVE IT!

I have a place for my MANY purses:)

A place for all my jeans...I LOVE jeans! The basket hold all my shirts that I need to wash separately for all the nasty chitlin's laundry!

That's it! It's pretty suite, RIGHT?! Like I said not too fabulous, but, I love how everything has a place!

Laundry Area {Suitening}

My Laundry Area is in my garage. UGGHHHH! There have been many times when I have dreaded going out into the dirty, cold/hot garage filled with spiders and who knows what else! After hearing about how my Mother-in-law did laundry in Africa on her mission, I realized life is GOOD! I AM SOOOOO grateful for what I have. I'm also grateful for Miss Toni challenging us to get our Laundry spaces organized. I'm here to share mine with you.

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who has a Laundry Area in the garage...tweet...tweet...maybe I am! Well, if you've never seen one, they aren't the cutest things on the planet. Hoses, tunnels, tubes, vents, get the point. I HAD to figure out how to make this space more pleasant. After all, I practically LIVE in the Laundry Area!

In order for you to appreciate the above picture, take a look at the before:

Let's say two words...NASTY,SAD! Now do you see why I didn't want to do laundry?! YUCK! I scrubbed both machines inside and out. Cleaned out under and behind them. I added a CUUUTE little rug I found at Target. NOW, It's SOOOO much better. Let me show you around:)

Here it is again. To the right side of the picture you can see our FABULOUS air/heater duct. Gotta have air/heating so that WILL be staying!

One of my Bestie's Mama hooked me up with this super cute shutter. I LOVE IT GREEN! I hung it from the bottom of the shelf to cover all the pipes and such. Much better! It's says "Laundry, loads and loads of fun!" It cheers me on as I throw in the next load. It never ends:)

This crate used to be on my kitchen table. I love it holding our laundry soap (in the jar) and my little country pitcher.

My two big galvanized buckets hold all the extra soaps, bleach, stain remover and softeners.

OHHH, I never took a before of my sink area! OOOOOWWWWEEEEE! Talk about SAD! This was really sad. Under it was the black hole for all the laundry. Here's what I did:

Here are a few more to enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy your laundry areas! If not, get in there and make it a place that you want to be in. Or maybe you don't want to be in there! Forget I said anything. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY! The mountain my crumble and knock you into flippin' next year. I WARNED YOU!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am SSLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWLLLLLYYY finishing up my last couple of organizing projects from the 21 day Organization Challenge with Miss Toni. This has been SO fun for me. I know a lot of you joined in silently and told me ALL about how wonderful it has been for you too. What a difference an organized house makes. {HAPPY ME!} GUESS WHAT!? I about died when I found out Miss Toni is going to be doing a challenge EACH week. AWWWEEESOOOMMME!

I really need to finish up what I'm doin' so I can start up again. I'm excited to see what that fabulous girlie has up her little sleeve. I'm once again joining in the fun! If you want to join in too head over to "A Bowl Full Of Lemons". Fun is in the works. I can FEEL it:) Hope you are all having a happy day! SmOoChes!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

An award, you're such a {SUITEy}!

HEY! Guess what?

Miss Jess sent me an award!

The Stylish Blogger Award

Yep..that's right, little Miss "Stylish" herself thinks I'm stylish. OH YEAH! DOin' a stylelicious dance..whoot whoot! THANKS GIRLIE!

Isn't she such a {SUITEy}?! I think she's pretty fabulous. I know her personally and she really is an awesome person. I feel honored to be awarded by a person who {I} think is pretty amazing.

We know there are lots of stinkin' little rules to these awards. You guys hear me blab about my maddness ALLLLL the time. Bear with me as I break a few of these rules...heeehee!.(If you want, here are a few facts about me!)

Rule #1 broken and DONE.

Rule #2 Pass it on to 15 other bloggers. BREAKIN' this one too.

I'm only doing one. My bloggy sistah Kristin over at Windy Poplars has just started up a NEW blog. It's called "A Guide To Living Graciously".

Man, this new blog is TOTALLY loaded with little tips and fun ideas guessed it, how to live graciously! I've enjoyed visiting her blog! She's been working hard at making it fabulous and wants lots of people to come by and check it out! Tell her I sent you:)

Congrat Miss Kristin! This Stylish blogger award is for you! I'm keeping rule #3. I'm headed over to tell her now:)

We many not have it all {TOGETHER}


We don't have an official "mail station". Our mail doesn't last more than a minute on our counter. I have a hubby who is TOTALLY on top of getting rid of things...unlike someone else I know (me)! THANKS SWEETIE! We DO have problems with kids school work and other important schedules piling up! We were in need of a place to put the IMPORTANT stuff where we could see it and remember it. Our fridge has always been a very popular place for such things. NOOOOOOO...NOT THE PURDY FRIDGE!

Here's what I did...I pulled this hanging holder thingy and slid some clipboards into it.

I added a tag with each kids photo. Then I made some dividers for each clipboard. Now if I'm looking for the Cub Scout schedule I just go to the Cub Scout file. There it is!

I then made a little sign to keep things fun. It says, "We may not have it all together, but, together we have it all." It helps me keep things in perspective. The chaos is all for the love of my family:)

Here it is! I'm still looking for the PERFECT HUGE calendar. I better do it fast...IT'S ALMOST FEBRUARY! SHOOT! Next thing you know it will be Christmas...NOOOOOO!

I was SO excited to get all THAT paper madness organized. Then I looked over at my kitchen table and remembered I didn't clean up after my last crafting moment....

Keep in mind, I have a little "HELPER"!

ONE HOT STINKIN' MESS, PEOPLE! Paper everywhere! Scrapbook paper that is. I have one box that holds all my scraps from cutting with my cricut. Another box holds all my "new paper". I decided this was one PAPER MESS that needed some organizing!

I went through my scraps and organized them by color. Makes life a little easier! I labeled file folders with the colors and stuck them back in my little box that happens to hold hanging files...never noticed!

Then I went through my "new paper" box and pulled out any random scraps and filed those too. Then I added a few files to my "new paper" box that also holds hanging files. How did I miss that?!

You know you have paper you need to go through. GET TO IT! You'll be happy you did:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please Rewind to 8

We need to rewind WAAAAYYYYY back to Challenge day #8

Coat Closet:

Perfect! Just ANOTHER thing I have been putting off to finish! I had torn everything out of it WAY before Christmas with plans on painting and shelving it. I started painting...then came Christmas. SHOOT! I STILL have a lot more I want to do to make it look fantabulous.

I didn't want to show you this until it was ALL done. Who knows when that will be?
For now this is going to have to do. I have more paint to buy for walls and shelves. I chose to spend the funds on containers so I can actually put our junk AWAY!

Here is the bottom of the closet. I turned this 3 drawer organizer into our homework/school paper drop off and storage. I also have a pencil pouch in each one with the supplies they need to work on homework. The boys thought this was the best idea. They found their picture and threw their papers in. Now I just need to go through and see what's happening. It has helped control the clutter on the counters that's for sure!

I added a little box on top so they can throw their lunch box in it. I added few hooks for backpacks too. So it goes like this...empty backpack. Put lunch bag in bin so mom can pack it later. Hang backpack! It worked yesterday. Let's see how it goes today.

The picture below is the kids craft shelf. I found these cute little handled baskets at Dollar Tree. They are super light and easy to transport to the craft area.

Here is our household shelf. All the random stuff that once again did NOT have a place, now does! YAY! We have our candle/matches box, tape box, gift bow box, ribbon and tissue paper, glue, batteries, flashlights and nail stuff.

The tippy top shelf has all our medicines. We just finished organizing these. You can see the post about it HERE!

Oh, our door holds our gift wrap organizer. SUITNESS! It has a ton of pocket for stuff on the back too. I chose to leave them empty since my little stinker will be pulling out the ribbons and bows and putting them in her hair. NOT FABULOUS!

SO, that's it. It's already helped a lot having all these fun little bins. I've been tearing apart other parts of the house and I've found lots of little treasures that now have a place to go. What's in you "coat closet"? I totally wanna see!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nasty fridge to {SUITNESS}

Heeeheee! I feel like I'm totally cheating! I already did my fridge this week! I even took pictures just in case. GOOD THING!

Lemony Challenge #16

Clean out that NASTY Fridge

I'm SO sorry if you're still here...the photo below is not pretty. Just plain NaStY! I'm usually pretty on top of the whole fridge thing. I'm not sure what happened.
Poor fridge...we DO love you!
OH....and don't even ask me what's in there! Funky!
Everyone, say it with me...EEEEWWWWWWWWWW!

I pulled everything out and scrubbed that baby like no other! It's now all sparklelicious. YAY!

Since I've been doing this whole organizing thing with Miss Toni, I have come to realize just how important it is that everything have a home. I know I've said it before. BUT, if your food doesn't have a specific place, it will be lost forever in the fridged black hole. NOT COOL! Where's the ketchup? Where's the milk? Where's the cheese? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?! How the stink am I supposed to know?!

I have a solution...LABELER! I know...I'm a labeling freak now! Check it out:

Top Shelf, just in case you can't read them...tortillas

Misc. I had some stray jars without a home. They get to hang together in their little basket!

Leftovers...Del Taco anyone?!

Dairy, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt for the kids at their level.


Dinner. Here I can put my dinner ingredients so they are handy!

Sandwich stuff goes in the drawer.

I have meats and cheeses in one drawer

and veggies in the other. Where's the fruit you ask? I washed it all and put it in a fruit basket on the counter for the chitlins.

The door holds the main staple in our home...HOT SAUCE! I forgot to take more pictures...the milk is in the door now. Lunch spreads and pickles, dressings, sauces. You know!

Here she is more round of applause for her fridged fabulousness!

Let me ask you Miss Fabulousness, do you love your new labels? OH YES! I love how everything has a home and doesn't spill and fall out when my door is opened. I think all fridges should be labeled. Well heard it here straight from the mouth off fridges...label your fridge! I know I'm such a dork! I better get in bed before I type something else crazy:) GO CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE!
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