Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We were EGGED!

Okay, this has got to be THE cutest idea EVER! Last night we were "EGGED"! They egged our door and RAN! They got away before we could say thanks. SHOOT! I really need to work on my cardio so I can catch them next time! The smile on my son's face when he saw the damage was priceless. (Just so you know I totally made him pose for this picture!)

My honey came home from church pleasantly surprised by the egging too!

I LOVED watching him read all the special notes to him and our family. It SERIOUSLY makes me want to cry! It was SO sweet!

(please excuse the nasty door that is in major need of a paint job and dusting. Oh and don't get me started on and my gross porch!)

CUTE,RIGHT?! I have NEVER seen this idea. Maybe it's all over the web and I'm just clueless...I'm sure that's what it is. Or I just have lots of creative people all around me who love my family. PEOPLE, WE ARE LOVED! This SERIOUSLY made our year! Heeehee! The last 5 months or so we have been blessed BIG TIME by the wonderful people in our church. The best blessings HAVE to be all the treats. We don't know who to thank. (Unless they are still jumpin' in the van screaming and the driver can't get away fast enough...LAURELS ROCK!) LOVE IT! WOW! WHO DID IT?! COME ON, FESS UP! I just wanna give you a big FAT hug. Yes I said FAT cause we are gettin' FAT from all the goodness! THANK YOU!

Each little egg had a sweet note on it. My favorite ones were...Sorry, we forgot the bacon! We love you, it's no YOLK! SO CUTE!

To top it all off, these little eggs were each filled with yummy candy...Peanut butter M&M's...REALLY?! And lots of other yummy stuff! SCORE!

When people are serving others with a willing heart, they have NO idea how much joy it brings to those who are being served. Our hearts are SO full with gratitude for such thoughtfulness and love. Whoever you are...(you know who you are) we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and guess what?! WE LOVE YOU TOO! Hey, why don't you head out and "egg" someone who may need to know they are loved. It will be the best thing EVER...promise! Happy Egging!
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