Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The CUTEST cupcakes!

I think these are the CUTEST little cupcakes EVER! I found the idea here at Sugar Derby! What a fun place to visit!

I felt like I was back in the day when I used to run a Pie Bakery out of my bedroom closet with pies made out of Playdoh.  What good times!  Now I get to "play" with the REAL stuff! Heehee! 

Here's what you do:

 Bake the cake like normal.  Let it cool.  Then crumble into crumbs.
 Add frosting
Keep adding frosting until it's like playdoh. 

Scoop your cake mix with an ice cream scoop into a cup or cupcake liner.  I  melted some Chocolate chips and drizzled it on top.  Then I sprinkled with sprinkles and added a red candy.  Here they are a finished! 

These babies are headed out the door for my son's Summer Birthday's party at school today.  Best part, they wont melt!  YIPPEEE!  

Monday, June 13, 2011

{Time} for Teacher gifts!

We have GOT to be the only school district in America that is STILL in school!  Am I right?!  I know I am!  We are excited to be finishing up...3 MORE DAYS! YAY! 

We LOVE our teachers!  So, we think teacher gifts are always a fun thing to do.  I found a fun idea at Attempting Aloha and LOVED IT!  I'm not as fancy skilled as Miss Charlie, so I made it a little different.  SO grateful for the inspiration she gave me! YOU GO GIRL!

I used a walmart clock that was $4.oo ish....

I unscrewed the screws...

Pulled the brains outta that baby!

Then on my Make The Cut program I designed a little somethin' to go right in the middle of the numbers.

 I hooked up my Cricut and cut it out!  I made a tiny slit in the middle of my transfer paper so the clock parts could fit through it.

 When I was done applying it, I felt like it needed some color.  What better than RED!  I added the teachers name to the glass after I reassembled it all.  There ya go!  It took me a couple hours to figure out the placement of I said, I am not all fancy skilled like most! 

I already had all the vinyl (thanks to my supplier, our awesome neighbors!  Thanks Whitlocks!) so it cost me the price of the clock.  LOVE THAT!


Happy Summer to you all!  Smooches!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Workout Blog!

Okay, so, I had this crazy idea...start up ANOTHER blog!  I KNOW!  Working out has become such a huge part of my life.  I know there are a few other crazies out there who feel the same way!  RIGHT?!  I don't know, maybe it's just me.  I wanted a place to be able to keep track of my workouts and whine and groan when I'm dying!  Kinda like a workout journal with workout ideas, people who inspire, workout blogs I stalk, people I love.  You get the drift!  Heehee!  SO, if you are interested in listening to my WORKOUT MADNESS! Come get your sweat on!  Just click on the picture and it will take there!  I'm still putting it all together, but it's a start!
   I always love having friends who love to sweat along with me. Make sure you leave me a comment if you decide to come by.  Let me know what ya think.  THANK YOU! Smooches!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scoreboard Tutorial

Hey guys! Can I just Thank you?! Oh yeah, this is MY blog so THANK YOU! Your comments make me SO happy. I LOVE knowing someone is actually out there reading my posts.

I'm back with the Scoreboard Valance. I had TWO fabulous people request a tutorial. I'm taking that as ALL of you are just DYING to get the tut for this thing. Heehee! Kidding:)

What I used:

Fencing wood
1 2x4
Some drywall anchors
lots of screws
stencils cut out

I first drilled some pilot holes into the 2x4 and attached it to the wall above the window with long screws and my drywall anchors. Then, I cut all my fence wood so it was long enough to just cover the top of the window.

Next I attached all my fence wood to the 2x4 with screws.
Then the fun part. Paint! I painted it all green..

 Once it dried I taped my stencils to the wood to see where I wanted to put everything.
Then with a small amount of paint on the brush,  I pounced my brush over the stencil. 

Last, I went around sanding all the edges and all the stenciled letters. ALL DONE!

 That's it.  It was EASY!  Let me know if I forgot anything.

Thanks again for being here! Oh, let me know if you decide to make your own Scoreboard valance. I would love to see it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keepin' Score!

Little Man's poor little window was in GREAT need of a treatment.  Before this whole redo we had curtain panels on each side of the window.  The boys used them as swinging vines...DARN MONKEYS!  You can guess what happened next!  MMMMHHMMMM...curtain rod pulled out of the wall with screws and all.  SUCH A MESS!  I needed something that they couldn't swing from.  First thought was, wood,  up high!  Here's what I came up with.

I wanted it to look like we totally jacked a scoreboard off of a football field and cut it to fit just right over his window.  Well, you get the drift, RIGHT?!  Here are a few more pictures.      

If you want a tutorial on how I did it, let me know.  Enjoy keepin' score of the Basketball Playoffs  my Little Man!  

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